Sud Champagne, the game-changer


Sud Champagne… changes the game


The example of Festilightt

Festilight is an Aube-based company set up over 25 years ago by Didier Maroilley.

It designs and manufactures festive illuminated decorations to liven up public and private spaces. It is one of the leaders in illuminated decoration.

The company has taken new turns in its business model. When it started out, it imported and sold products. Today, it uses large-format 3D printing to produce its own products, and offers its light decorations for hire to meet market demand.

She sells her use, not her product – it’s an economy of functionality.

By using recycled raw materials and creating recyclable products, it manufactures its products as part of a circular economy.

New ways of thinking to change the game and rethink our consumption !

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