Hotel Restaurant in Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises – Haute-Marne

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Welcome to Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises, a very popular pilgrimage village (100,000 visitors/year) thanks to General de Gaulle, who lived here for 36 years, and for being the final stop on the Champagne tourist route.

The site boasts a number of attractions, including the de Gaulle memorial and his residence, which has been converted into a museum, local services (food and drugstores, etc.), champagne producers, lakes, Nigloland and the Parc National des Fôrets.

The hotel, built in 1971 (after General de Gaulle’s death), is ideally located in the historic centre, next to bus parking facilities for groups of travellers.

Key features

  • Hotel-restaurant of approximately 1500m² (built on the ground) on a total surface area of 7844m².
  • 42 rooms spread over 3 floors (couples or families, 2 studios) -1 restaurant reception area (up to 250 seats) + 1 bar
  • 1 possible extension on land, currently used as green spaces (approx. 1500m²)
  • 250m² of other space available (removable partitions) for seminars
  • 1 garage for storage
  • 1 spacious professional kitchen
  • 2 positive cold rooms (+ 3 freezer bins)
  • 1 logistics area for linen management + social premises
  • Construction works are planned to update the rooms and the exterior facade. All networks and foundations are in good condition.




7844 m²


  • 20 minutes from the A5 toll motorway and Chaumont
  • 20 minutes from the Champagne houses of the Côte des Bar
  • 20 minutes from the character towns of Vignory, Essoyes, Chateauvillain and Bar-sur-Aube
  • 25 minutes from Nigloland
  • 45 minutes from the Der lakes and the Fôret d’Orient forest


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